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Couple months ago We wrote an content about safe snorkeling. Scuba diving is a safe sport, in the event you follow the basic rules, and select the right individuals to go diving along with.

Few we chose two easy dives, my clients happen to be fairly new technical scuba divers, so we selected the dive internet sites that would end up being great for their degree. As always, we fulfilled at shop ahead of nine, checked the particular air, prepared the particular equipment, did the particular briefing, loaded anything to the boat plus visited dive sites called Park I actually and Park II.

It was a gorgeous sunny day, since most of the days here inside Bayahibe, Dominican Republic. After a small, about 10 – 15 minute motorboat ride, we arrived to our 1st dive site. The particular dive was wonderful, the visibility had been 100 ft +, temperature of the water 27 C / 81 N (still too frosty for me however the clients loved it). We followed the particular reef and by the final of the particular dive our boat picked us upward. We had bit of current on the first dive, therefore we decided to go with regard to the second dance the opposite course and hopefully swim with all the current, but this time on the other hand of the reef.

We got ready for the second dance and just since we were entering the water one more dive boat packed with divers arrived. My partner and i didn’t care too much, because this plunging area is huge and you will choose different path so the particular groups usually do not interfere with each other in any way. I realize that most get shops dive a loop and return to the same area to accent simply by their boat, so for that explanation I prefer going along the saltwater, our boat is usually following us in addition to picks us upward when we finish the particular dive. That had been again the dive plan with our two divers. Many of us reached the underside and began slowly drifting by the particular reef; we ceased by the cannons and played a bit with the cannon balls. When all of us were leaving this specific underwater playground My partner and i noticed the technical scuba divers from the additional boat approaching the particular same area. I didn’t pay too much attention in order to them because they had their very own manual and their own dive plan.

We were going our way, enjoying the dive, looking at corrals and fish plus suddenly I saw four divers through the other party following me. I knew something wasn’t right, I stopped in addition to tried to figure out the fact that was occurring, where was their very own guide, in of which moment the girls turned around and begun to swim the opposite direction. So padi Dive Center bali and i thought everything has been fine. After very few minutes I looked back again and noticed that all the scuba through the group faded away except one and he was still following us. We ceased, I approached your pet and I evidently saw in the eyes that he or she was lost plus scared. I rapidly checked his air flow; made sure having been OK and provided him the sign to follow us. We changed our own course and converted back, heading toward the boats.

That didn’t take extended to see the particular line from the buoy and when we started the feature I saw one other guide coming straight down in the surface searching for the dropped diver. The guideline tapped my shoulder to thank us for bringing the diver safely back and I could see a big relieve in his eyes.

We all continued with the jump, we just improved the direction, nevertheless we still acquired a great moment, saw lots of marine life, didn’t cut the dance short, and in the end everybody seemed to be happy. Before we finished the jump the other boat had been gone. After all of us got to the boat, our captain told me how everybody was panicking for the big boat; the wife associated with the missing diver was crying that will she lost the woman husband.

This time acquired a happy ending, only few unanswered questions left. The reason why all this took place? Was it because the guide acquired seven divers, many of them beginners? Or was it a negative briefing prior to the dive, maybe no briefing with all? Where was the buddy system? How could you lose half associated with your group throughout 30 ft of water with 100+ ft visibility? Seemed to be it luck associated with professionalism? How the particular rest of the divers felt when their dive seemed to be ruined by this specific incident and they experienced to cut their dive short? We can ask many additional questions that is not going to be answered.

I do not issue other dive outlets and their training, when I see some sort of diver that has to have help I help. For me to go diving scuba is fun and needs to be fun with regard to everybody constantly. Unfortunately some professionals perform it only intended for money, the snorkeling stopped being entertaining on their behalf long period ago.

While an individual are planning the next Diving Holiday, doesn’t matter if you will be Diving in Dominican Republic, or anyplace in Caribbean, or perhaps anywhere in the world, please carry out your homework. Research the dive stores in the region, ask concerns at different diving forums or traveling forums and find out what past clients point out about each dance operation.

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