Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

Satta king means a single number from 1 to 100, you invest your money on any single number like suppose you put 500 rupees on number 22, it means you have invested money on a pair. Haruf means that if you put money on 5 haruf, then any number from 1 to 100 on which it is in 5 units, then your haruf will be considered as pass like understand 05 25 35 65 95 all of these 5 numbers are in units and If any of these numbers is opened then you will take money but there is a different rule in it like if you invest money on any pair, it opens then you will get 90 rupees of 1 rupee, same if you invest money in any haruf then you will get 1 rupee You will get only 9 rupees not 90 rupees because now the chances of opening your numbers have increased, the more risk you take in this betting game, the more profit you will get Inside out means as if you played Haruf and you invested your money in 5 Haruf, it is played in the same way as outside means Haruf only, just inside means you have to understand as if it was in 5 units in Haruf or Bahar like 05 25 15 95 in the same way 5 will be in tens in the same way 51 55 59 52 Now you see whatever 5 is in it is on the inside side it means 5 is open inside in this also you will get 90 of 1 rupee not 9 why that your chances of getting it too are very high

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